Transporting goods is just one part of the logistics solution – once it’s arrived here, you need safe storage. Mainfast Warehousing can sort that out for you very easily. We have extensive warehousing available in the Wingfield area, in fact, over 2,000 square metres.

All stock is computer controlled so we can tell you exactly how much comes in, when it arrived, how much goes out, when it left, what remains ... you get the idea, pretty much everything you need to know when it comes to controlling your stored stock.

Complete undercover stock unloading facilities mean your stock is always kept in the best possible conditions. Mainfast can unpack containers and either hold your stock in our warehouse or deliver it directly to your stores. You then receive regular reports and updates on stock movement and stock management levels.

Warehousing solutions are great during big retail times such as Christmas or during major promotions, when you may need to store a large amount of additional stock for a short time, and be able to access it regularly and easily or have it delivered quickly and efficiently to keep shelves stocked and full.  Mainfast will work with you and provide delivery when YOU need it, any time, any day.  It’s as important to us, as it is to you, that your have the goods you need, at your store, when you need them.  Mainfast can manage this for you so give us a call anytime for a competitive quote on your warehousing and delivery needs.



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